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Simmering of the Melting Pot

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

This past week, there has been much controversy about Executive Orders, changes in United States Immigration policy, and the acceptance of new leadership and change in order.  Many emotions have ensued, including rage, distrust, anger and outrage.  Additionally,  others have seen these changes as Proactive, Pro-American, and what they have waited for to keep our Nation secure from  worldwide extremist threats and attacks.

Having been exposed to and participating in meetings on both sides of the issue, both pro and con, there is a broader sense of the affects these issues have brought onto the mindset of our society and community.  The countless number of clients who have come through my doors for the purpose of becoming United States citizens gives me a clearer understanding as to the weight this issue has on so many.

United States Society, in these last eleven days, is torn.

-We want great leadership, but have a difficult time with change.  This is not unlike what those with Anxiety undergo when they are tasked with taking steps to make life decisions or step into a dark, unfamiliar space where there is much unknown and fear is present.

-We want time of prosperity, but have fallen into a place where we rely on others to dictate our emotions, oftentimes not realizing that we are expecting the step by step instructions on how to gain a place in our lives where we are most successful or unsuccessful. This is not unlike the adolescent that has a difficult child/parent relationship where communication is lacking and stress ensues.

-We lament what we believe is unjust, violating our rights, lacking of respecting who we are as individuals.  We are angry in our words, we are unforgiving to the point where we refuse discussion or seeing what the possibilities together can be in order to move in a more positive direction.  This is not unlike the Agoraphobic person who remains in the calm, comfort and still of their illness, creating what they believe is a safe, introverted and isolated world.

There is a need for healing, a need for change.  With that comes self examination.  It is time for us to realize that our fears can be overcome and that we, as a society, are capable of seeing this obstacle through.  Many have been encouraged to stand up and be proactive through civil protest, speaking directly with their state representatives, or having group discussion in private, religious, and community based venues.  Many are determination to have their words heard either privately or publicly; the goal to advocate for what they believe in.  We have the ability to be better than who we are right now.   It truly does not matter what side of the discussion you are on, whether you agree or disagree with our current state of the union.  It does not matter whether you feel that our current Administration is right or wrong.  What does matter is how you PROACTIVELY make a difference to ensure future generations mark this time as the example of what to do and not as what not to do.

John F. Kennedy said, “Immigration policy should be generous; it should be fair; it should be flexible. With such a policy we can turn to the world, and to our own past, with clean hands and a clear conscience.”   As this is the “hot button” issue of the day, the hope is that we can all continue on, a more unified society, as accepting, understanding, and committed to seeing our nation strong and successful as those who came before us.

Be the positive cause of change, not the reason why unrest and chaos make change necessary.

Until next time…..


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