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Shifting Language to Shift Our Experience

Recently I heard someone make the distinction between getting through an experience and moving through an experience, and it has really stuck with me. Sometimes, getting through is all we can do, and that is totally understandable, especially in the times like these. However, I think it's worth taking some time to reflect and brainstorm some words that describe how we are dealing with our current situation.

This would be a great journal activity (whether daily, weekly, or monthly) if writing is helpful for you. Are you crawling, flailing, or trudging? Or are you sprinting, strolling, or floating? What word describes how you would like to be moving through your life? What is on thing you can do this week to shift your movement in a positive direction?

Remember, just as some swimmers prefer freestyle and others prefer backstroke and some people love to run and others would prefer to ramble, the way you move through the world is unique and lovely. Pursue what functions for you in this place and this stage of life.


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