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Just 3 Things

Updated: May 27, 2022

We're starting a brand new week! While having a fresh start can be a lovely feeling, beginning a new phase (whether it's a new day, week, or project) can be overwhelming. For me, writing is an incredibly helpful tool to organize all of my thoughts. As a small business owner, I always have multiple tasks going simultaneously, and some days it can start to feel like there are just too many things I want to get done. As soon as I notice my head start to swim, I pull out some paper. Sometimes I use a legal pad, and sometimes I use sticky notes. First, I just start writing down every single task that is in my to-do list. Simple, complicated, short-term, long-term, everything that is living rent-free in my head! Then, I pick the three things that are the highest priority for today and write them in their own column.

Perhaps the most important step is folding the paper in half vertically so I can only see those three things.

All tidied up and ready to go!

If I'm using sticky notes, I just keep those three out and put the others to the side for now. When I've finished these tasks or at the beginning of the next work day, I can just go back to that list, add any new tasks, and pick the next set of three. Sometimes, I make categories like "Work" and "Errands" and choose three for each. Other times, I pick two or three things that I know I can knock out in just a few minutes and then one more complex project. Completing those smaller tasks help me feel more accomplished and get my momentum going so I have more energy and focus for the big project. Remember, if a strategy doesn't work for you, it doesn't mean that you have failed. It means that the strategy has failed you. It's ok to adapt or abandon a way of doing something if it isn't helpful. Everyone's brain is different, and there is no hack that is going to work like magic for everyone. So feel free to try this method out and see if it works for you. If it doesn't, no problem! Change it or ignore it in whatever way suits your needs best.


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