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How to take time….

I love my work, I- LOVE -MY -WORK!!!  But the one thing I feel most important is the idea of rebooting and learning how to keep my soul refreshed!  Often times my clients will tell me how impossible that is for them; how they are just unable to stop all those busy day to day activities that literally just wear us out!

I say, you can do it! It’s as simple as finding and making the time for YOU!!

We are experts at getting things done for others.  As employees, we make the time to complete work tasks and meet the expectations of our employers.  As parents, whatever our children need is priority and we  give them the world as we would want them to have it.  As family members, we often put the needs of brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers ahead of our own.

But what we often forget is that we are the foundation of the people around us.  What does that mean?  We are whom others depend on, the persons who are in fact dependable, and we need to remember to give to ourselves before we can even consider giving to others.  This, of course, can be done in a variety of ways:

  1. take a 10 min walk

  2. close your eyes for 20 mins

  3. call a friend

  4. sit quietly in a room away from distractions for 10 mins

  5. read a chapter in a book

  6. sit and stretch for five minutes

There are so many “little” things we can do just to get that sense of being refreshed and renewed.  What works for you? Just reading this post might help in some small way!  Remember, even if our foundation is cracked, its still our job to take care of keeping it strong!

Until next time….


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