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6 Work-Life Balance Tips For Women Who Want To Have It All -Susan Biali

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Achieving work-life balance is hard, but these six simple tips will make it easier.

1. Prioritize Sleep

Getting into a healthy sleep routine can be tough, but once you start getting seven hours of sleep a night, you’ll wonder how you were able to function on anything less. Prioritizing this expert-recommended amount of sleep every night will help strengthen your immune system, improve your mood and let you handle stress so much better.

Additionally, when you don’t get enough sleep, your body secrets hormones that actually make you eat more. This means that if you sleep less than seven hours a night, you’re significantly more likely to be overweight. Do you need any more motivation than that?

2. Make Time For Breakfast

Eating a nutritious breakfast each morning doesn’t have to be time consuming. To save some of those precious minutes during the chaotic morning rush, be sure your kitchen is stocked with healthy grab-and-go breakfasts. Including simple breakfast ideas into your weekly meal plan will also make your mornings so much easier.

Still not convinced you have time for the most important meal of the day? Eating breakfast will give you more energy, help you concentrate better, and protect you from weight gain. Most importantly, eating breakfast will make you feel great!

3. Walk Whenever You Can

Combat sitting disease by always looking for opportunities to move: take the stairs instead of the elevator, park a few blocks farther away, go for a walk in the park on your lunch break. Get in the habit of making fitness dates with your friends or partner, which will benefit both your relationships and your health.

Investing in a fitness tracker is another great way to add more motivation to move.

4. Always Keep Your Values and Goals In Mind

What matters most to you in life? Your health? Your family and friends? Your dream of opening your own business? Whenever someone asks you to commit to something new (even if it’s just for one day or one hour), ask yourself if it fits with your most important values and goals, or if it will take time away from them.

5. Focus on Self-Care

Activities that increase your health and happiness will help you be more effective and productive in every aspect of your life. Spend time with people who make you laugh and leave you feeling energized. Make time for hobbies that relieve stress and fill you with passion and joy. After all, carving out and protecting that essential ” me time” is the key to de-stressing and unwinding.

6. Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Life is too potentially wonderful to be too serious about everything. Remember that everything happens for a reason. Take time to laugh and play and enjoy the wonderful place, people and events that you come across in your journey.

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