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Episode 64: The Power Trio

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

This is an edited version of a podcast episode. If you prefer to listen, click Make Me Whole Podcast to find this and all my other episodes.

Hello, and welcome back to another installment of the Make Me Whole blog! Today’s episode is deeply inspired by one of my idols: Mel Robbins. She has touched lives across the globe with her insights on change and personal growth. This episode is going to hit home, trust me. This one’s for you, whether you’re a new or long-time listener.

You know, change is a constant, yet complicated, part of our lives. When we talk about meaningful, life-altering shifts, there’s some universal truths that just can’t be ignored. They are inherent to the process.. In today’s post, we’re going over these three constants, brilliantly outlined by Mel Robbins, and how they relate to anyone yearning for a seismic shift in their lives. Listen closely because a month from now, you could be living a reality you never thought possible!

The first truth is a doozy. It’s this: you’ve gotta be frustrated enough with your current situation to finally say, “No more!” That discomfort is not your enemy. It’s your launchpad. This isn’t just me talking. I’ve experienced the power of frustration to fuel change in my own life. There was a time when my job was a daily drain, taking joy instead of inspiring it. I knew I both wanted more and deserved more, and it was this discontent that spurred me on to new opportunities, including this podcast.

The second principle concerns bravery. Mel Robbins tells us that it’s not just about being gutsy, but about being gutsy enough to demand more. More from yourself, and more from the people around you. When you courageously set your boundaries, you’re declaring to the universe what you will and will not accept. This type of bravery is like flipping a switch from being a passenger in your life to taking the wheel. Your circle might not get it initially, but the bold ones always set the pace for the rest to follow.

The third and final requirement is discipline. This is your workhorse, that engine that takes you where you want to go. Inspired by Mel Robbins teaching, let’s acknowledge that discipline is what transforms your discontent and bravery into actions. You may have the will, but discipline gives you the way. It’s the nuts and bolts that bring your vision to life. And when you’re disciplined, real, deep-rooted change starts to grow, right before your eyes.

Take a moment and imagine. Where could you be a month from now if you aligned your life with these truths? Envision moving noticeably closer to the life of your dreams in the next 30 days. How are these changes, no matter how subtle, going to make you feel? This isn’t just about instant gratification, though. It’s about laying the foundation for long-term transformation, and a month can be a powerful starting point.

So we’ve gone through these challenging necessities: frustration, bravery, discipline. These aren’t just buzz words. They’re your lifelines to an entirely new existence, and if so many others can swear by these truths, so can you and I! Let’s make a pact to embrace these truths wholeheartedly. Let’s journey towards a life that is not just lived, but celebrated. And a big shout out to Mel Robbins for illuminating these truths that inspire real change.


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