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Episode 43: The 8 Essential Players You Need in Your Life

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

This is an edited version of a podcast episode. If you prefer to listen, click Make Me Whole Podcast to find this and all my other episodes.

Welcome! I recently had an opportunity to travel up north and visit with some of the most wonderful people in my life. It was so great to feel the love and the support that I got from them and also just catch up because it had been so long. It got me thinking about the people that I have filling different roles in my life. I spent some time reflecting on the people who are consistently a part of my life and how they have had some type of significant effect on what I do. Life can be tough, and we all need a support system to help us navigate the inevitable ups and downs. So, I wanted to talk about the people who I consider the most essential to help you get through it all, to thrive mentally, and to be emotionally stable. These are the kind of people that bring you positivity, motivation, a little bit of guidance, a little bit of fun, and who are so important to your overall well-being. Let’s face it, life is so unpredictable and at some point all of us will feel alone or in need of help. Our friends get us through these challenging times. That’s where these 8 Essential Players come in. They will become your mental health support system, helping you stay grounded, motivated, inspired, and successful.

The first player on my list is the cheerleader. This is your biggest supporter and motivator, always cheering you on no matter what. They celebrate your successes, whether they’re big or small. And of course they provide you with reinforcement to keep you motivated. Having someone in your corner who genuinely supports you and encourages you, especially when times are tough is so important because we need to stay inspired and motivated as we are trying to achieve our goals.

Next up we have the Honest Friend. Sometimes this is not the easiest person to be around, but we all need someone who will tell it to us straight. Easy is not always better. This is the person who is able to tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. They’ll give you that constructive feedback, tell you when you’re being unreasonable, and help you see things from a different perspective. Having an honest friend is invaluable because sometimes we need a reality check or a sounding board, especially when it comes to important decisions, both happy and difficult.

The Listener is the friend who is there to hear you out, but not be judgemental. Now, they’re not going to try to fix your problems or give you advice, but they’ll give you that listening ear when you need to vent. This person is a huge help when it comes to emotional support during difficult times and needing someone to talk to that can help you process those thoughts and emotions, of course leading to better mental health.

The Challenger is the person who will push you to be your best self. They will motivate you to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, and achieve different goals. Having someone who holds you accountable and pushes you to be your best is crucial for personal growth. This is the person that helps you set challenging but achievable goals, offering you support and encouragement along the way.

Then Mentor is a wise friend who has been through it all. They have valuable life experience, and offer invaluable guidance. Having someone to turn to for life advice without judgment or pressure is so cool. They can provide practical, actionable guidance and insight, which can be so helpful, especially when we’re working through something we’ve never done before.

The Connector is the friend who knows everyone and everything that is going on. They’ll introduce you to new people and opportunities and help you expand your social circle. They’re also good for making new connections that could lead to amazing and exciting career opportunities. Having a well-connected friend can help you grow your network and expose your to new perspectives, so make sure you have one of these in your circle.

The Consoler is the friend who will be there during tough times. They’ll listen, offer support, and help you through some of the worst times you might be experiencing. You know, having someone who can comfort you during a stressful time, there isn’t anything better. And this is the type of person that will be there to lend a shoulder to cry on, especially so that we feel heard, understood, and unconditionally loved.

Finally, the Fun Friend! This is the person who makes life exciting and enjoyable. They’ll take you on adventures, make you laugh, and remind you to enjoy life. This person is essential for adding joy and laughter that you need. And they’ll help you balance the serious stuff with a little fun, which of course is crucial to good mental health.

So there you have it! The 8 Essential Players you need in your life. It’s all about building a strong support system over time that will help you take on whatever life is going to throw at you. Remember it’s not just about having friends, but about intentionally choosing the right people to surround yourself with. You want to be around people who support you, who lift you up, inspire you, push you to be your best self. But it’s not just about what these essential players can do for you. It’s also about what you can do for them. Relationships are a 2 way street, and it’s important to give back and be there for your friends when they need you. So, as you’re building your support system, make sure to also be a supportive, caring and positive force in THEIR lives. And if you’re currently lacking some of these, don’t worry! It’s never too late to cultivate new relationships and make new connections. Get out there, join clubs, attend events, and put yourself where you can meet new people. You never know who might become an essential player in your life. So remember, surround yourself with people who bring positivity, guidance, motivation, and fun to your life. These 8 Essential Players are the foundation of a strong and healthy support system that will help you thrive and achieve your goals.


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