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A Season of Transition

Autumn is upon us, and now is an excellent time to do some inventory. If you've ever worked a job that requires keeping track of inventory, you may have just had some unpleasant flashbacks, but bear with me. It might not be the most exciting activity, but there's a reason why businesses do it. If a company wants to be the best it can be, it needs to know where it is and where it wants to be so it can figure out a plan to make growth happen. The same applies to us.

We are about to enter into the holiday season, an often stressful and emotional time. Before we get busy with preparations and celebrations, let's take some time to think about our emotional, physical, and spiritual states. What is something recent that you are proud of? Are there any habits or systems that are no longer serving you? Perhaps some boundaries you need to get firmly in place before they will be tested? Next, look towards the future. What are some words that describe how you would like the next few months to go? Are them some aspects of your life that you would like to invest more time in? What is something that you need to let go of, as the trees let their leaves fall and return to the earth?

If you feel like you would like some support or guidance with these questions or others, reach out to us at or 843-410-9234 for more information about our therapy services. Wishing you all a cozy, joyful autumn season!


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