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Episode 68: Unlabelling Worth: The Journey to Priceless Self-Discovery

Hey, y’all! Hope you’re doing well today. There’s a moment in life that many, if not all of us, have faced. A moment when we look in the mirror and the reflection staring back is not the one we wish to see. It’s an image oftentimes scarred with judgment, lined with the years of notes we’ve taken from the world about who we are and what we’re worth. I know this place well. I’ve stood in front of that mirror. I’ve felt the weight of my own gaze, heavy with disappointment. It’s in these moments that tearing myself down seemed like the only option because, frankly, it was easier than lifting myself up. But I want you to know, friends, that strength can be found even when we can’t even imagine lifting ourselves out of the darkness. 

I found my strength in an act as simple as it was profound. I decided to separate the worldly price tag from my own sense of worth. Let me repeat that for those in the back or for those who have had the volume of life turned up too loud to hear their own heart. I did not discover my true worth until I rejected the price tag that society had stuck to me. People will try to assign you a value. They’ll slap labels on you: discount stickers, last chance offers, and bargain bin tags. But when I peeled off those stickers, when I tore away the tags, I realized something:, something brighter and as bolder than I could ever have imagined. I am priceless! And so are you. 

That’s when the journey of self-knowledge began for me, and it’s a journey I invite you to join. To know who you are is to understand that you're priceless. You are enough. Never ever let anyone dictate your value. Now, when you stand in front of the mirror, I want you to see the greatness that lies within. Not the perfection that the world expects, but the raw unfiltered magnificence of your true self. And when I tell you, “Be great! Be yourself! Be true to what you believe in!”, what I mean is to live boldly, unapologetically, with the essence of who you are shining through. Let your reflection smile back with the certainty of your immeasurable merit. Lift your head high. Let your smile be the beacon of your soul, radiating the life of self-love and self-acceptance. It's not enough to passively wait for the good to come to us. We must step forward and claim it. 

Even if we don’t know them personally, we can find examples of others who have risen from the ashes of self-doubt and learn from their experiences. We can find others who freely offer practical advice on how to peel off those price tags, especially those that life has unfairly placed on us. From the sidelines, you might question yourself, judge yourself for walking alone. But let’s get one thing straight: walking alone is not a sign of weakness, it’s the hallmark of strength. It’s a path of a warrior who knows that their worth isn’t determined by the company they keep but by their inherent humanity. 

I think about this one female client I had who was once a high-flying executive in the world of tech start-ups. She told me about the moment she realized that her job title wasn’t the sum total of her worth. It hit her really hard. There she was, the tech guru, the innovator. But when the company downsized and her titles were stripped away, who was she then? She had to learn that she was still the person she had been. Still valuable, even without that fancy job description. In this process, she found her liberation. It’s a powerful reminder that our worth isn’t tied to our job titles or any external status symbol. 

Another client I had shared with me how they broke free from the needs of the approval of others. For the longest time, they were a Yes Man. They lived off likes, shares, and nods of approval. It was exhausting for them. The turning point came when they realized that they didn't even like the things they were doing. They were just addicted to the approval. When they started acting in their own interest, not for the applause, they truly found their peace. And that’s incredible! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of performing for an audience and lose sight of our own role in our lives. 

Now friends, let’s reflect on these stories. Both felt the sting of misplaced self-worth, and it’s a common tale, isn't it? We often hang our value on these external hooks: titles, relationships, followers. But as both stories suggest, the moment you remove these hooks, you don’t fall. No, you find a new way to stand! Taller, stronger, and more authentically you. 

And so I ask you, what hooks have you hung your worth on? Is it your job? Your relationship status? The approval of your peers? Take a moment to think about that. Now imagine removing those hooks, one by one. It might feel scary at first, like you’re floating without direction, but this is where you discover the true depth of your strength. Strength, as you might have gathered, isn’t just about muscle and might. It’s about the resolve to stand firm when the world wants to put a price on your existence. When I first started on this journey, I realized that strength could be found in the softest of whispers. The gentlest of nudges. It was in the quiet moments of stillness that I found the courage to peel off the price tag and see my own intrinsic value. 

I remember a day not so long ago when I achieved something I had been working towards for years. I thought it would define me, complete me. But as I stood on that stage, accepting my accolade, I felt empty. I had climbed the mountain, but the view wasn’t what I had expected. The applause rang hollow because I knew deep down that I had pursued this goal for the wrong reasons. Not for myself, but for the image I wanted to project. For the validation. That emptiness, though painful, was a gift. It forced me to ask, “Who am I really?”, and that’s where my true journey began. Not on that stage, but on the quiet drive home where I made a vow to understand my worth not as a reflection of my successes, but as a celebration of my essence. 

So how do you start to make this shift in your own life? It begins with a simple, yet profound, practice: affirmation. Affirmations are our way of reminding ourselves in the face of doubt of the truth of our existence. Start your day by looking in the mirror and saying, “I am enough. I am valuable. I am priceless.” Do it even when it feels silly. Actually, especially do it then, because these are the moments when our old narratives fight to stay relevant. But your new narrative is stronger because it’s real, it’s true, and it comes from within. 

Now to build on these affirmations, let’s talk action. Affirmations are the foundation, but the things we choose to do are the structure we build on top of them. Taking action can be as simple as setting boundaries, choosing projects that resonate with your passion, or even intentionally spending your time with people who appreciate you for who you are. With every action that aligns with your values, your internal sense of security grows. It solidifies until one day you find the price tag hasn't just come off, it disintegrated. 

To help you get some momentum, I’m going to leave you with three actionable tips that you can start implementing today. First: define your values. Write them down. Make sure it’s what truly matters to you, not anyone else. Second: practice gratitude. Not just for things that you have, but for who you are. Gratitude roots us in the present and in the truth of our existence. You could set an alarm to remind you to write in a gratitude journal or use habit stacking to link your new practice with something you already do everyday, like brushing your teeth. And third: create! Whether it’s art, a business, or simply space in your life for joy, creation is an expression of self-worthiness. It says, “I am here. I have something to offer.” 

As we near the end of our time together today, I want to circle back to the idea of being great. This isn't about arrogance or ego. It’s about recognizing the monumental, meaningful impact you can have on the world, which starts with the relationship you have with yourself. From the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes, let every decision be based on the idea that you deserve to take up space and be respected. Be deliberate in your actions, intentional with your words, and compassionate with yourself. I challenge you to take one step today, one small but significant step towards acknowledging your worth. Maybe it’s setting a boundary. Maybe it’s starting a dream project you’ve been putting off. Or maybe it’s just simply taking a moment to breathe and say, "I am enough.”  As you take this step, remember that you are not alone. This journey you’re on? We’re on it together! Every step, every stumble, every triumph. And if you need a reminder, just come back to this space. We’re here to lift each other up.


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